I wrote this article in the office. Escape the crowds at home Belgium Phone Number List for a while. What is Meta-Communication? The sentence above is a form of meta-communication. I step out of the content and say something about what I’m doing or about what I’ve done. Meta comes from the Greek language and means: the subject itself. Meta-communication is therefore communication Belgium Phone Number List about communication. Meta comes from the Greek language and means: the subject itself. The following I mean ironically is an example of meta-communication. The journalist who adds ‘(ed. + explanation)’ in a quote also engages in meta-communication. But the best way to explain meta-communication is to take a sidestep to the theater. Meta-communication in the theater.

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Comedians constantly use meta-communication in their Belgium Phone Number List shows. Think of the comedian who briefly steps out of his story and asks someone in the audience: “Are you having a good time?”. The comedian has a chat and says: “Nice, well then I’ll continue if you don’t mind”. Another example is a dated but great meta-acting sketch by Rowan Atkinson called Pink Belgium Phone Number List tights and plenty of props. In this sketch, Atkinson is and plays an actor who as an actor has to play different roles. A very layered scene. The phenomenon of meta is fully at work here. Also read: Eradicating written language in your text: the ultimate tip Meta at work Outside the theater, meta communication can be found in many contexts.

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A well-known example of meta communication is the meta Belgium Phone Number List description of your website. Meta-communication in interviews Meta-communication can also become visible by not applying it. A well-known example is the professor who refuses to step out of his role as an expert in the BBC interview. So he refuses to say, “Well, that can happen when working from Belgium Phone Number List home. Excuse me.” NOS reporter Sander van Hoorn, in turn, does address a passing cat. Meta is a big deal on LinkedIn On LinkedIn, there are several discussions of people who wonder whether or not you should involve a clearly present child at home in a webcam session. Want to say hello to those present with your child, or just ignore your child and pretend there is no child? There is something to be said for both options.

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