Or just my motivation, something always happens. A lot of times just because when I was in that low point, I was forced to change the way I did things. But maybe also because life seems to have a balance. If I move on. If I keep taking action. Instead of sitting on my hands and doing nothing but simply giving up and giving up. Because if I keep going — one step at a time — something good will always happen. This idea helps me move on when I don’t like it. It gives me some comfort even when things seem dark.

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Noel Coward

But also because of the simple power of laughter. When you watch, read or listen to something that makes you laugh, it only takes 5-15 minutes for you to laugh. like: One or several Youtube videos. The half-episode sitcom that will make you laugh the most. Comics on paper online. A podcast or an episode of your favorite radio show. Or just hang out with your funniest colleagues, friends or family for a while. But why smile?

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