You compare relationships, cars, careers, bodies, and houses, and you end up with low self-esteem, you feel like a failure, and negativity buzzes in your head like a swarm of annoying bees. How to do: Compare yourself to yourself. have a look: How much have you grown. How far have you come. Your progress towards achieving your goals and dreams. Don’t forget to celebrate small successes and steps forward. This habit will help you see yourself in a kinder and more helpful perspective, and you will feel energized when you appreciate the steps you have taken along your journey.

Motivation Wednesday:

Instead of feeling exhausted and powerless to keep growing and keep pursuing the life you want. 6. Stop doing things too quickly. You tend to feel more stressed when you’re walking fast almost all the time while you’re walking, talking, driving, or working. Your greece phone number example attention is more easily distracted and it is more difficult to think clearly. How to do: slow down. Walk, talk, move, drive and work slower. When you do this: The stress in your body and mind will float away.

20 Tips to Help You Get Through a Midweek Downturn
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Play energy-boosting mood-altering music.

You will naturally have more now. You will enjoy all the smells, sights, sounds and experiences of life even more. 7. Stop pushing away your innermost feelings. It’s one thing to focus on the positive side of life. But trying to get rid of how you feel about something deep inside is another thing. Even if you try to open a smile and force positivity, it usually doesn’t bring joy. How to do: Write it out or speak it out. Don’t force positive thoughts. If you have negative emotions or thoughts that come up again and again, take some time to think about it with yourself.

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