Quotes will therefore often be too commonplace Iceland Phone Number to be protected by copyright. This does not alter the fact that there will be quotes that do fall under copyright. For example, if they are not that short, or if they Iceland Phone Number are short but very special. If a quote is too short and/or too simple (and therefore “banal or trivial”). The copyright flyer unfortunately does not apply. So: is Rumag infringing?


Power Of The Word ‘because

You cannot give an unequivocal answer to Iceland Phone Number this, because you have to determine per quote whether the quote in question falls under copyright or not. So you can’t say that taking over or “stealing” by Rumag is copyright infringement by definition. On the other hand, you cannot say that short Iceland Phone Number sentences by definition cannot fall under copyright. Short sentences are often not covered by copyright, but it is possible. If they are special enough.

Everything Behind Because Is Great

For example, of the quotes Rumag uses, “Sweat Iceland Phone Number is just fat crying” (translated by them to “Sweat is crying fat”) is just original enough for copyright protection, but “I believe in you and me” again not. Relation to the right to quote It is still important to mention the right to quote. Under certain conditions, copyright law allows you to quote from a copyrighted work for an announcement, review, polemic, scholarly dissertation, or expression with a similar purpose.

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