Share some of the goodies you harvested this fall or summer. Maybe some homemade jam, canned vegetables or dried mushrooms. 7. Express your gratitude for things that are often taken for granted. It’s common to take for granted what other people do for us. Like they are there to listen, how they do their job or the meals they prepare for us. 8. Encouragement.

Help them help others.

Probably the best way to help someone in a frustrating and difficult world is to encourage them. Help them cheer up when they are in a negative situation. So add your own france mobile phone number example foundational and constructive perspectives to help ease their fears and help them find optimism and a path forward again. 9. Tell a funny joke. Or a funny or exciting story that happened to you earlier this week.

43. Remind them of shared happy memories.
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can change their lives.

10. Share interesting things you find online. Such as a funny video, your current favorite song, a funny meme, or one of the positive things you discovered recently, such as an inspirational article or social media channel. 11. Share a playlist of the most uplifting songs you find. If you like it, immediately go beyond your favorite songs and share with them a playlist of a whole collection of good music that you can use to fuel yourself during difficult times.

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