Slow down and stop. I slowed down. Or how fast I walk if I’m not in a chair or bed. Then I stop. breathe. When sitting or standing still, I focus on taking deep breaths with my belly (not my chest). I inhale and exhale through my nose. My breathing is not very deep. But about two to three times my normal breathing. focus. When inhaling and exhaling, I – in most of the cases mentioned below – just focus on that. no others.

Appreciate the little things around you in life.

The rest of the world has melted. I just feel and focus on the air in and out. 1. Find or refocus while working. When I start my day, I sometimes have trouble concentrating. Or over time, I get confused, or my focus starts to lack. I sometimes Depository Institutions Email List start to get lost in my busy work. When I realize that I am in or into this situation, I follow the steps listed above and focus only on breathing in and out for 1 minute.

If you get up too early, go back to bed.

By doing this, my thinking became clearer, and I went on to ask myself a question such as: What is the most important thing I can do right now? Then I took a small step forward based on the answers I got. 2. Reduce tension in social situations. Before many meetings in the past, I used to be very nervous. When I’m on a date, I’m usually nervous.

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