Website backgrounds are sort of like breathing. Singapore WhatsApp Number List. They’re part of our daily lives, but we never really pay attention to them unless there’s something glaringly wrong. And like every breath you take, website backgrounds are integral to the success and life of your website; they make every other part of your site work better. Tips and examples for choosing website backgrounds Illustration by OrangeCrush What are website backgrounds, anyway? Website backgrounds are the images, splashes of color or design that fill the screen of your website. It’s also often the first impression a visitor will make of your website, brand and business, so it’s important you get it right.

Website Backgrounds Are Sort of Like Breathing

The ideal background will convey your brand story, while the wrong one can throw off your message. Your website background is like the Singapore WhatsApp Number List outfit you would wear to a job interview or first date. Are you going for a fun and approachable look or something sophisticated and exclusive? In fact, there’s actually a lot more to this seemingly basic aspect of web design than you think. It’s not enough for your website background to simply look good. Just like when you go on a first date or job interview, you need to make sure you tell your story, confirm the place you’re meeting is accessible and ensure the person you’re speaking to is enjoying their experience with you. Similarly,

The Ideal Background Will Convey Your Brand Story

Singapore WhatsApp Number List
Singapore WhatsApp Number List

website backgrounds are expected to deliver a good User Experience (UX) and to be legible for your audience. Singapore WhatsApp Number List. baked good subscription service website background An impressive website background design by DSKY Website background basics — Before we jump into the tips, it’s essential to bone up on the basics. Meet the two types of website backgrounds The body background The body background is the area that covers most of the screen. It’s where you’ll find backgrounds made up of illustrations, textures, a full image or color gradients. Oftentimes, it’s just plain white. The content background The content background doesn’t encompass the whole screen, but rather surrounds the area around other sections, like an image or text. It gives structure and helps

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