Directed by Ivan Reitman in 1984 and written by Daniel Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, “Devil’s Slayer” was a hit in the 1980s. Whirlwind is a film and television classic for the growing generation in the 1980s. Because the movie was so popular, it also released a rare sequel at the time. In 1989’s “Devil Buster 2”,  The original author’s creativity and the personal charm of the actors have not only made it difficult for successors to imitate, but also made the original Dan Aike difficult to imitate.


Lord and Harold Ramis, despite their desire to continue

The craze, have been slow to release asofits were not as good as expected, which caused the Portugal Phone Number filmmakers to lose money, and also caused controversy in the evaluation of positive and negative poles. Not only did Paul Feig fail to continue the success of “Spicy Power”, but despite the charismatic Melissa McCarthy, the jokes in the new version of “Devil’s Slayer” are generally not popular with the public, only critics and The female crowd (and not too much at the box office) applauded. Most of the praise for the new version comes from the new century’s “elevating the status of women and flipping the original classic meaning of patriarchy”, rather than how good the movie itself is.

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The use of old-fashioned technology to catch

Ghosts (no new techniques) and vulgar plots not only desecrated the originality and classics of the original in the 1980s, but also failed to leave commendable content in addition to entertainment. And the team of the original version of “Devil’s Nemesis”, whether it was out of the friendship of the year, old and nostalgic enthusiasm, or because of the sense of accomplishment of co-creating film history classics, everyone, including Murray, still wanted to see the real “Devil’s Nem

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