Be realistic Create realistic expectations for your customer. For example, adjust the Georgia Phone Number List delivery times. 4. Train your customer service Train the customer service team so they know how to respond. And make sure you are always available for your customers. 5. Prepare for all scenarios Be consistent in monitoring customer feedback. In the event of a possible lockdown, the return Georgia Phone Number List option for customers will disappear. As a result, there is a chance that customers will make unexpected requests, for example to extend the right of return. Think about this beforehand and, for example, provide an alternative customer experience. For example, make the switch from physical training to online training .

The Management’s

Creating a new social norm Finally, it is important that you create a Georgia Phone Number List general social norm as soon as possible (“Everyone washes their hands”, “we all keep our distance” ). Create public disapproval in the group ( social disapproval ) if the undesirable behavior (for example walking too close to each other) is displayed. It is important that we address each other Georgia Phone Number List publicly about this and that the leaders continue to communicate that this behavior is the exception (and therefore really not okay). The central government’s new ‘alone together’ campaign makes good use of the above elements.

Vision For The Future

Georgia Phone Number List

The campaign clearly shows the new desired Georgia Phone Number List standard. How it is implemented by the collective / group (all Dutch people together). Influencers and exemplary behavior Influencers can also make an important contribution by showing the right exemplary behavior. Communicating the (new) social norm. Tim Hofman, for example, uses his influence in a Georgia Phone Number List wonderful way. By inspiring his followers to follow the corona measures very closely. But lesser-known people can also inspire others to ‘do the right thing’, by performing special actions and by showing the right example behavior in these special times. Tim Hofman about corona on Instagram Stories.

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