A new strategy for marketers in the cultural sector? Cultural Algeria Phone Number List institutions can of course already prepare for the autumn programming, which will be full this year. But just now that the essence of your cultural institution has changed – temporarily – the role of the communication officer also changes. What can he do if the ‘event promotions’ disappear in the short term? And in which strategic decisions play a role? At our communication agency, we are currently identifying a Algeria Phone Number List number of strategic communication developments in the cultural sector: 1. Responding to all changes: time for action 2. Go back to your overarching communication strategy – or create one 3. Focus on the identity of your organization 4. A new role for the communications officer 5. A shift to online communication.

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Future Music. What ‘we’ can open again? What these mean and how Algeria Phone Number List you can deal with this as a marketer, I share below. 1. Responding to all changes: time for action In the first place, it is short-term thinking for many cultural institutions. In other words: dealing with the direct consequences of the closure. For many organizations this period has just passed. As a marketer you Algeria Phone Number List know that you have to be transparent and personal to your followers. This may be even more true in times of change. Director of Oerol, Siart Smit, shares a nice statement on the website of the festival.

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We are not doing all this to get rich, but because there is a need to Algeria Phone Number List make, share and tell things. In this time we feel that urge even stronger. Something will come, but what exactly, we can’t answer yet. Cultural institutions are resilient and creative. And that comes Algeria Phone Number List in handy in short communication campaigns. Instead of just communicating the problem issue (‘we are close’), many culture marketers are already thinking ahead. What can we do now? And this is how many online initiatives have arisen. From live guided tours on Instagram (of the Stedelijk Museum , for example ) to do-it-yourself art assignments ( Groninger Museum ). Theaters and pop palaces show video registrations of earlier plays.

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