If the goal is to monopolize a corona-related term and you Indonesia Phone Number List try to ‘restore’ the descriptiveness of your brand by adding a distinctive element, you will be disappointed. After all, as we have seen above, you cannot monopolize a descriptive term in this way. Clear communication is indispensable for your organization. This is all the more true when there is a crisis Indonesia Phone Number List and the number of reactions increases. It is important for your social media channels that your followers are heard and that you show your view on the situation. How do you deal with webcare during the corona crisis? Almost no organization escapes the consequences of the corona crisis. Your followers look to you and expect answers to questions you don’t always have.

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Because you are also in a unique situation that you have never Indonesia Phone Number List experienced before. How can you deal with this? We work with our webcare team for many health funds in the Netherlands and have now formed a real corona team. We keep ourselves informed of developments on a daily basis, so that we can give the followers of the various health funds an up-to-date and correct Indonesia Phone Number List answer. I would like to share ten tips from our own experience with this crisis. 1. First consider the concerns that are being expressed There are many emotions at play during a crisis. Even if people only react angry briefly or only ask a question.

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Always consider the situation behind the reaction and acknowledge Indonesia Phone Number List the emotion. During a crisis, you as an organization can also show more emotion. So first validate the response before you respond substantively. For instance: How intense for you. 2. Ask a Indonesia Phone Number List question, give people the opportunity to vent It can be worthwhile to ask a question in return, especially with those short reactions, which make you feel like a blank slate. People like to tell their story. This can also be done at the end of a substantive response. I’m curious: why are you asking this question? Are you in this situation? 3. Collect answers for your target audience on your website During a crisis it is good to collect frequently asked questions on your website.

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