When you’re away it would be useful to monitor your servers and network remotely. You’re in luck; there are a bevy of utilities that let you monitor, diagnose, and repair problems. And perform administration tasks remotely with a smartphone. Or handheld device linked to one of your data center servers. Most offerings let you manage passwords, printer connections, email programs, or database servers. With a Blackberry, Palm Tree, or Nokia smartphone linked to. A network server, which is linked to the rest of your network.

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But while Avocent’s Sonic-Admin, Ecutel’s IC2 (Infrastructure Command and Control), MobileControl from ASG, and other solutions probably work well; many administrations have reservations about security. Security Concerns The idea of network management applications using a wireless device represents a dream come true for many Manufacturing Email List network administrators, but it will be a while before the concept takes hold. In fact, the potential market for such utilities is huge, but security concerns have reduced it to only a fledgling market,

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and the utility’s debut has been too small to track, says analyst Gerry Purdy of Mobile Trax. “Of course, demand for this type of application will eventually grow as smartphones will have more feature sets and can handle the software loads necessary,” Purdy says. “But at the same time, these devices and applications represent security [threats] in the minds of such as when a person leaves the company and has access to the network with his mobile device or.

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