Current debt – debt from the date of delivery to the date specified as. The cut-off date in the delivery contract for each of the customers. When we write one date in the contract, and after it we allow another 2 weeks, we are cunning. It is necessary to explain to managers and clients that we adhere to the letter of the contract. Of course, we can give more time in excess of the time specified in the contract. But for the manager and the client this should not become a permanent habit.

Current debt

2. Overdue managed non-normative debt – debt for a period of 1 to 5 days, which is under the control of the manager. The term is necessary to resolve complex issues of payment and waiting for the arrival of non-cash money. From this stage, 1C should Accountants Email List have a ban on subsequent shipments to the client. The lifting of the ban can occur by decision of the immediate supervisor with the transfer of debt to the category 3. Overdue controlled non -standard receivables.

Overdue managed non-normative

The due date starts from the moment the payment date is due in the contract, in case of non-payment of receivables at stage 2. All this time, the receivable is under control: in detail with the direct supervisor and as the final amount and forecast payment date with the sales director. The term of the receivable is limited by the decision of the issue by the immediate supervisor.

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