At 13, Oprah ran away from home after years of abuse. She became pregnant when she was 14, but her son died shortly after birth. She attended a wealthy suburban high school, Lincoln High. But her poverty was always wiped from her face as she biked to school. With African-Americans who were servants to her classmates’ households. Despite this extreme difficulty, Oprah did not let her down.

Live a well-rounded life

She overcame adversity to become a benefactor, first becoming a radio anchor at 19 and then having her own daytime talk show The Oprah Winfrey Show at 22 . Through the show, she has helped millions of people around the world, empowering Heavy Construction Contractors Email List people to take charge of their lives and drawing inspiration from her life lessons and those of her interviewees to inspire others. If Oprah succumbed to difficulties, she would never be what she was in her life.

Appreciate every good thing that happens to you

She is such a positive person because she chooses to be the best in the difficulties she encounters and then uses these lessons to help others. Likewise for you, never allow yourself to be weighed down by your difficulties. Instead, ask yourself what you can learn from them and how you can turn them around and create the life you’re after. This proactive approach is the beginning of a happy, empowered life. 2. Appreciate every good thing that happens to you Highly motivated people appreciate every good thing that happens to them.

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