Admitting defeat has been an integral part of the peaceful transition of power in the united states. That year was also the start of a different party campaign for the presidency, when federalist candidate john adams lost to democratic-republican candidate thomas jefferson. The first person to publicly concede defeat was democrat william jennings bryan (william jennings bryan). In 1896, after learning of his defeat in the presidential election to republican william mckinley, he immediately sent a telegram that read: “I would like to express my congratulations at the first time, and we meet together.

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American Nigeria Phone Number people, their will is the law.” Republican president donald trump, known for his fondness for lawsuits but never admitting defeat, described this year’s (2020) presidential election as a “Cheating” and announced that he would take all possible judicial means against the election. The result was a lawsuit . His statement gives reason to believe that he may not continue the tradition of publicly admitting defeat and peacefully handing over power. Just a courtesy, not an obligation Neither the u.S. Constitution, nor any other law, stipulates that the loser must give a losing speech and publicly admit defeat. The losing side in previous presidential elections has done this out of politeness and to tell its supporters that the other side has won and the battle is over. The speech of the loser is also a central part of the political drama of the presidential election. Since william jennings bryan sent his congratulatory telegram to the winner of the election in 1896,

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Communications has continued to flourish. News reports and broadcasts have expanded the dissemination of the loser’s speech. And the emergence of television has made the influence of the speeches in defeat reached a peak. By the time democrat adlai stevenson delivered his defeat speech in 1952 after losing to republican dwight d. Eisenhower, television had become the dominant medium. Powered by gliastudio Typically, the loser makes a personal phone call with his opponent before publicly acknowledging the defeat. That’s what happened in 2016, when hillary clinton called trump on election night to congratulate him on his election and addressed supporters the next day: “Donald trump will be our next president. We he must be accepted without prejudice and given the opportunity to lead the country.

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