One thing I never learned was to stop making them.” Joe Abercrombie My 5 Favorite Tips for Actively Handling Errors Everyone makes mistakes and has setbacks. However, how you handle the situation can make a big difference. So, in this section, I want to share 5 of my favorite tips that have helped me reap the benefits of my mistakes many times over and not be dragged into negative fears. 1. Reminder: You are not your fault or failure. When you make a mistake, it’s easy to start thinking that’s how it is.

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You’re going to screw things up all the time, or you’re a failure in life (or at least in this area of ​​your life). If this happens, remind yourself: Just because you screwed up something today doesn’t mean you’re going to do it tomorrow or next week. If you keep taking hospital email list action and keep going, if you learn from what happened, and if you don’t label yourself a loser or someone who just makes mistakes, this won’t last forever.

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If you look at the situation this way – from a calm and optimistic point of view – you will see that it is only a temporary thing in your life, not a permanent thing. 2. Learn from what happened. Be constructive about your mistakes or setbacks and learn from what happened to avoid making the same mistakes again and do better the next time you encounter the same situation, or just move on and continue your journey.

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