In November. Taking advantage of Black Friday deals : 44.51% (vs. 46.87% in 2019) Two or three weeks before Christmas approximately: 32.42% (vs. 31.05% in 2019) Days before. I leave everything to the last minute: 12.50% (vs. 8.69% in 2019) In Uruguay phone number September/October: 10.58% vs. (13.39% in 2019) Ranking Top 10 of the most gifted in a “different” Christmas There is no doubt that this year the celebration of the Christmas holidays will be atypical. But that does not imply the absence of gifts. And it is that the tradition of exchanging presents on these dates can be maintained in its entirety. And regardless of whether our loved ones are near or far.

It is possible to transmit all our affection to them in the form of a gift. What items do Spaniards prefer to surprise their loved ones with this Christmas 2020? Fashion reaffirms itself once again as the most voted option: 19.69% will choose clothes and/or Uruguay phone number footwear. (a figure that grows a couple of points compared to 2019). In second place. Perfumery and cosmetics strengthen their position with 14.71% (data very similar to last year). Toys. Board games and video games go up a notch in relation to 2019. With this 2020 being the third best valued alternative with 14.40%. Here is the full ranking: Fashion (clothing and/or footwear): 19.69% (vs. 16.97% in 2019) Perfumery and/or cosmetics.

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Self-made gift: 3.25% *Annual Survey carried out on a representative sample of the Spanish population in December 2020. Made up of 700 Spanish people (50% men and 50% women) through an online questionnaire using the Computer Assisted Uruguay phone number WEB Interviewing (CAWI) technique carried out on members of online panel. The 4 reasons that show the importance of unified commerce as a step beyond the omnichannel strategy Tags strategy omnichannel marketing business read later favorites 0 ads UDIMA. Distance University of Madrid. Study degrees. Official master’s degrees online or the doctorate at a distance. The best option to study online.

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One of the lessons that retailers have learned from what has happened in recent months is that the digital transition is not an option. It is the only possible way to remain competitive and to continue reaching consumers. The coronavirus crisis has highlighted Uruguay phone number the importance of having a digital strategy. Online consumer spending has in fact risen 40% this year and shoppers themselves acknowledge that they will not return to previous patterns of consumption when the health crisis is over. Therefore. Having an omnichannel strategy was crucial to survive the changes in the market and the challenges of the pandemic. However. Companies should not be left with just that lesson and should start preparing to go one step further. Once the importance of omnichannel has been understood.

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It is necessary to anticipate the next evolution of the market. That will be the one of unified commerce . In which the leading companies are already working. “Managing omnichannel sales processes without an internal structure that allows them to be Uruguay phone number managed in a unified way becomes a real headache for retailers and translates into negative shopping experiences for consumers.” says Laureano Turienzo. President of the Spanish Association of Retail. In unified commerce. Consumers are not only offered different consumption channels. But also.

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