A position in the top 5 search results for relevant searches is an indication that there is high-performing content here. Thanks to that position, this will often be well-visited content and it may also have a long visit duration. Still, I advise you to keep an eye on whether unexpected web pages are relatively Azerbaijan Mailing Data that attract few visitors or that visitors are captivated for a relatively short time. Then see what the reason is. It may be a niche search with low traffic, but it may be relevant to your offering. Or it may be that the page has little content, so that the visit duration is short. Still, the page outperforms the competition, so see what value it contains and what you can do with it in your content strategy.

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How do you discover the best performing content? When discovering your content. Google Analytics (or another analytics tool) is indispensable. For example, to determine the number of visitors, average visit time, direct traffic and actions on a page that have been as a goal. Finding social shares easily Azerbaijan Mailing Data an extra tool that indicates how often something has been shared with others and ideally on which channel. improve content More return from your best content If you know which content belongs to your content sweet spot, you can analyze which elements that content has in common. Based on that, you can think about new content that has the same successful elements in it.

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In addition, you can see how you can get more out of this high-performing content by optimizing your content . Because there is almost always an element on which a web page does not score so well. For example, a high position in Google but not (yet) a long visit duration, shares or other positive response. Make Azerbaijan Mailing Data to existing content therefore part of your content strategy and planning for the coming period. Possible actions you can take: Improve You can improve articles with many visitors that do not yet perform very well. Look in particular at what could be the cause of a possibly low visit duration and few shares. You may need to supplement, update or merge articles. Create related content

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