For the next fifty years, you’re going to have to accept the choices you make. Chris Rock “If you could kick the person who bothered you the most, you wouldn’t sit for a month. Theodore Roosevelt happy quotes by george burns “Happiness is having a big family in another city, loving, caring, and close.” George Burns What’s your favorite happy quote?

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I want to know all the best advice from you guys happy so please let me know in the comments. Want more quotes? Then check out these popular posts in our archives: 71 Self-Care Quotes to Help You Take Care of Yourself 74 Inspirational List of Architects Friendship Quotes 101 Short Quotes and Proverbs About Life 78 Inspirational Love Quotes 68 Inspirational Relationship Quotes.

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The need for a universal tool for assessing the activities of the enterprise. With the rapid development of the economy, the complication of managerial and financial accounting, the emergence of holding companies that combine several enterprises from different sectors of the economy, it becomes increasingly difficult for owners and top managers who develop strategic decisions to navigate the huge flow of new information.

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