This issue is especially acute for large diversified enterprises, where it is difficult to determine. The strategic volumes of investment and predict. The pace of development without analyzing the opportunities for each area of ​​activity. Many enterprises have a system of control points, deviations from. Which can lead to critical consequences, however, as a rule, these benchmarks for determining. Deviations are very specific and understandable only to a highly specialized manager.

Something as a result

And most importantly, that these control points take into account only financial indicators and. Do not take into account non-financial factors of enterprise development. Hence, there is a real need for a universal tool for making assessments. The information noise around BSC, in addition to the understandable positive, also has Art Director Email List negative aspects – there is a “fashion” for creating strategic maps, and a large number of people have a desire to use this fashion, presenting BSC as an opportunity for automatic enterprise management.

Difficulty in assessing the importance of key indicators

However, we must not forget that BSC is just a tool for incorporating strategic plans into the company’s operations. And in order for this implementation to happen, a combination of a number of factors is necessary, starting with the initiative of the head or owner of the enterprise and ending with the creation of a mechanism for implementing the strategy and monitoring its implementation. The development of BSC itself is a painstaking long-term process, the real result of which can be felt in a few years.

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