Package your vacancy in a unique campaign concept Are you Malaysia Phone Number List promoting a vacancy for a position that attracts many candidates? In that case, naming the job description and the associated requirements and employment conditions may be sufficient. However, not everyone is in that luxury position. In fact, in many industries there is an urgent shortage of Malaysia Phone Number List personnel. And then more is needed than a vacancy text. How do you ensure that your vacancy stands out from that of the competition? After all, the content is almost the same. But there is one big difference, and that is the feeling of the sender. The feeling of: “I want to belong!”. But how do you achieve that feeling?

Together You Achieve

An overarching campaign concept with a personal touch Malaysia Phone Number List helps. Discover what makes your organization special, visualize the faces behind the company and show that positive atmosphere, that sense of pride and that strong team. That which makes you Malaysia Phone Number List unique. Once you have devised such a conceptual ‘hook’, you can attach everything related to labor market communication (and therefore all your vacancies) to it. By launching a hashtag, you can also use the user generated content of your own staff for this. Job campaign examples Once you start paying attention, you will see this reflected in several major vacancy campaigns.

More Is the

Malaysia Phone Number List

For example, think of I care. , Working on Peace and Security Malaysia Phone Number List or Working with Meaning . De helden van Rotterdam is also an example of a campaign in which the organization demonstrates its distinctive value by portraying the pride of the workplace. This Malaysia Phone Number List is because all port employees are portrayed with ‘raw’ video content as go-getters, tough guys, tacklers and persevering. But above all, as heroes. Talk about the “you want to belong” feeling! 2. Find contact in a fun way In the port campaign mentioned above, “Heroes, report here!” the call to action.

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