The news has been dominated by the coronavirus for weeks. How do Austria Phone Number List you stay relevant as a brand in this crisis? Corona crisis communication listens very closely, as the Sunday with Lubach item about RUMAG also testifies. In this article I share examples of successful (and less successful) PR actions during the corona crisis. New reality If the corona crisis teaches us Austria Phone Number List anything, it is that a crisis makes us more united and solidarity. Positive initiatives are springing up like mushrooms. At the same time, consumers (and media) are more critical than ever. Anyone trying to profit from this crisis will be pilloried. See also the Lubach item about RUMAG. For the few who missed the item.

Look At The Term

RUMAG claims to raise money for the Red Cross, but earns quite Austria Phone Number List a bit from it. In this item, Lubach explains in great detail that this is not kosher and also criticizes RUMAG’s cut-and-paste work. The comparison between Youp van ‘t Hek and Buckler is easily madeAustria Phone Number List this item may/hopefully means the end of RUMAG. In any case, the RUMAG collection page is already offline… Catching up on the corona crisis Making a profit from the corona crisis is therefore not done . At the same time, tapping into the crisis is pretty much the only way for brands to be relevant.

Change Process

Austria Phone Number List

Marketingfacts editor-in-chief Jeroen Mirck complains on Austria Phone Number List Twitter about PR agencies that share countless corona inhakers. It is quite a challenge to get editors of the national press warm about content that is not related to the corona virus. How many Austria Phone Number List items in the NOS news do you count that are not about it? One or two? You can comment on the influence of TV news on public unrest. The question also seems relevant to me as to whether nothing other than the c-virus is happening. In any case, the new reality also means: responding to the corona crisis is necessary to be relevant.

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