Ask for a buddy and you’ll always have someone to fall Chile Phone Number List back on. Be aware of who you ask for help, don’t always ask the same person. This may feel safe, but that’s not how you get to know new people. Also look up people you don’t work with directly. For Chile Phone Number List example, plan 15 minutes and both go for a walk on the phone to get to know each other. Are informal activities being organised? Like a lunch game, yoga hour or pub quiz? Connect. A great moment to observe and get something from the informal atmosphere in the workplace. An example of Brockhoff Makelaars, where online attention is given to welcoming a new colleague.

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View this post on Instagram Okay, we are now also doing Chile Phone Number List our Friday afternoon drink virtually, with 20 people at the same time in the video call? Especially to be able to welcome our new colleague Annemarie. Cheers, success and see you soon!at onMar 20, 2020 at 8:56am PDT Say goodbye online And then there is also saying goodbye to colleagues, online of course. No Chile Phone Number List big hugs, but an online farewell drink. At Frankwatching we said goodbye to our colleague Nine. She starts a new job at the University of Wageningen. Nine: “It’s quite strange to have your last days like this. Normally you work towards a kind of deadline.

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At that point, you should have cleaned your computer, reset Chile Phone Number List your mobile, and emptied your locker. Because after the farewell drink you leave all equipment and keys behind. That feeling is missing now. Fortunately, such an online farewell drink does contribute to the feeling of closure .” Farewell drink Nine Zoom Will a new colleague start in your team soon? Then these Chile Phone Number List tips may give you inspiration to give someone a warm welcome, even remotely. And do you have any tips for informal online contact with (new) colleagues? Be sure to let us know in the comments! We are all being nudged at the moment. ‘ One and a half meters !’ Not only in music, but also via social media and on TV, you come across this message in various forms.

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