The difference between a Euro and a cat, or a Bitcoin and a , is simply the Mauritania Email List . A Euro and a Bitcoin always have the same properties. A cat or Crypto Kitty is unique. These cannot be. In our rapidly changing world, where everything is being at a pace, digital ownership Mauritania Email List not a crazy new step. The digital certificates that confirm authenticity and ownership are on Mauritania Email List blockchain, which also makes it much easier to change ownership. Earlier I wrote about the ‘tokenizing’ of assets.

Portable Technology

which at that time mainly involved large parties in real Email List and shares. Non-fungible tokens add a dimension to this, which is also very interesting for consumers. My colleagues at the World Economic Forum expect that in six years, 10% of global GDP will be on the Mauritania Email List are also enthusiastic: the blockchain-critical Dutch Bank is very and the age-old auction house. Sotheby’s has put its first NFT safe item online. Also read: When will we get a digital euro (CBDC)? So it’s not just the virtual cats or Mauritania Email List cards anymore.

Mauritania Email List

Getting to Know the Treo

In principle, you can turn anything into an NFT and that is Mauritania Email List happening. Major parties such as Nike,Warner and Louis Vuitton link their unique products to an NFT, opening up a new world for consumers. Nike, for example, has applied for a patent that allows consumers to scan. Mauritania Email List the shoes (where unique pieces sometimes sell for hundreds of thousands of euros) are genuine. Louis Mauritania Email List also makes the entire manufacturing process visible to the customer, from crocodile to coat rack.

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