If you want to change behavior sustainably, it is advisable to Malawi Email Lists repetition. If we want to internalize certain behavior, we have to repeat that behaviour. It’s like learning a Malawi Email Lists or a sport. The more we repeat the behavior over and over, the more that behavior becomes second nature to us. The behavior is internalized. And that is only possible through multiple repetitions. But the problem is that few people like repetition. Very little. Because most people get bored easily if they have to do something repeatedly. We have a Malawi Email Lists attention span and little discipline. It’s not in our nature to stick with it.

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How do we ensure that this works? The answer could be: Malawi Email Lists it a habit. If we make a habit of walking, it no longer depends on our fleeting motivation or discipline whether we go for a walk. The behavior, on the other hand, becomes automatic. According to the transtheoretical model of behavior change , it takes three to six months to form a new habit. So hang in there and keep walking! 9. Let the games Malawi Email Lists are you in the ranking? Chances are you enjoy watching yourself climb the rankings (and catch up with that one popular colleague). Most people like games and competition. This fact is often used to get people to perform Email Lists behaviour.

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Apps like Strava keep entire tribes running and cycling by Malawi Email Lists fueling infighting! Earlier this year, De Volkskrant wrote about the Strava phenomenon. NOS presenter Herman van der Zandt says in the article : “Strava is a cycling diary, a personal history, but it is also a monkey rock.” Screenshot of the app. The Ommetje app also eagerly uses the competition element. On the homepage of the app you see Malawi Email Lists leaderboard that shows how well you are doing compared to others. Research shows that competition can increase motivation, so that we keep using a product or service for longer. But: this only works if we can compare Malawi Email Lists with others who are important to us .

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