What already seems unquestionable is that the 2021 agenda will be dominated by this issue and that the year will be difficult for the big companies in the Northeast mobile phone number list technology industry. It could fragment big tech “The new rules will prohibit unfair conditions imposed by online platforms that have become or are expected to become guardians of the single market.” the European Commission warned. To force them to comply with fair market conditions.

They may be forced to sell parts of their business. The regulation proposal is not yet definitive. But it could become in the future. As explained in The Wall Street Journal . With the start of the week. The European Commission has proposed two potential Northeast mobile phone number list laws. One focuses on how illegal content is spread and the other on anti-competitive behaviour. It is in the latter that the power to force large technology companies to fragment to curb abuses of market position is contemplated. They also include the possibility of far-reaching fines. Between 6 and 10% of the companies’ global income. The rule does not speak of any company specifically. But as the Journal recalls.

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It is very clear who is the objective of this legislative package in the event that it is finally approved. The target on the big American technology companies. Which have absolute dominance of the market. Apple. Facebook. Amazon Alphabet (the Northeast mobile phone number list corporate name of Google) are the great potential affected. Their problems in Europe do not end. Moreover. In the European Union. The UK may be leaving the EU in a matter of days. But that won’t save tech companies in the space legal trouble. The UK has already announced that it plans to create a law to prevent “online harm” that will force both search engines and social networks to act against illegal and harmful content.


The fines for not doing so will reach 10% of your worldwide income. It is also working on a rule to limit market dominance. Just as the European Union is doing. What will follow Returning to the EU rules. These will now be debated and will then have to be Northeast mobile phone number list approved by both the Council of Europe and the European Parliament. When they reach that last step. They will become law for all the countries of the European Union and. Possibly. The most important package of measures for the internet industry since the approval of the European data protection law. Of course.

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The tech companies have already spoken out. Although. As they point out in the Journal. They have been cautious with their assessment. In the past they have already accused this type of legislative measure of being a drag on innovation. But. Perhaps. The Northeast mobile phone number list most interesting movement to understand what tech companies are doing against these types of measures is in an article published a few days ago by The New York Times : Silicon Valley has increased the pressure from its lobbyists in Brussels.

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