There is even a third of those surveyed who believe that in the second half of 2021 the crisis will already be over. As far as the country in general is concerned. The majority opinion is that the end of the crisis will not come until 2023. What strong brands have Tunisia phone number common and what makes them better positioned in the market Strong brands are those that achieve better data and those that manage to survive problems better Tags marketing strong brands resilience read later favorites 0 ads Royal Communication Marketing and Communication Agency.

15 years innovating for brands The dream of any brand is to position itself efficiently before its consumers. Arrive. Connect with them. Convince them of your potential and seduce them with your products and services. The consumer will not only buy what Tunisia phone number they sell. But will also recommend it to their friends and will always remember it in their purchase decisions. He is a loyal consumer. Achieving it is not easy and requires a lot of work. Those who achieve it are usually the strong brands. The most recognized in the market. The most valued and those that achieve the greatest impact among consumers. They are the Apple. The Ikea. The Lego or the Starbucks of the world.

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But what do strong brands have in common. And what makes their data so good? That is what Forrester has asked themselves . Based on their participation in different studies on the most valuable and strongest brands of the year. In this year. In which the Tunisia phone number coronavirus crisis has made things even more complicated. The strength of the brands has been much more decisive. Of course. And although it takes time. The latest brands can also become strong and powerful brands. This year. For example. Tiktok was one of them. In general. What unites strong brands? They are lasting marks Possibly.

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This is the main benefit seen by those behind the accounts. The strongest brands are those that have more resistance: they are more durable. “Strong brands. When fed. Resist.” they say in Forrester. Why is this happening? When you work to establish a Tunisia phone number strong brand. You also work to create resilience. They are more resistant brands. Which makes them better able to withstand problems. For example. Stops from the pandemic came out much better than weaker brands. The key element in this work is what was done and how. These brands worked with a long-term strategy and their managers worked before launching in the market in a big way.

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Building a brand. They are capable of losing control of the brand Likewise. Strong brands have done such powerful work in creating brand image and identity that they do not suffer from the challenges of the market. Right now. Consumers are much more active Tunisia phone number protagonists in the relationship with brands. They have much more control and more room to manoeuvre. They can speak on social networks. Upload content. Act on the brand or lead the conversation generated by their products. For brands. In general. This generates a certain panic. Because they cannot have the last word and control in everything that happens.

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