Anthony Robbins “If you go out looking for friends, you’ll find them very scarce. If you go out and be friends, you’ll find them everywhere. Zig Ziglar “Anything that annoys us about others can teach us about ourselves. Carl Jung “I’ve found a sad truth in life when we’re running around. The only people we really hurt are the ones we love the most. We flatter people we barely know, we please fleeting guests. And cause Many rash blows for those who love us most. Ella Wheeler Wilcox “How many times does an old screen door slam?

Many of them made similar mistakes.

Depends on how well you close it.  Depends on how well you live. Friends have How much love? Depends how much you give them.” Shel Silverstein Home article email database lists australia write a blog 101 Mistakes Quotes (+ 5 of My Favorite Frustration Tips) 101 Mistakes Quotes (+ 5 of My Favorite Frustration Tips) Published: 2020-04-13 In the first part of this post, I would like to share a set of references to errors.

Find inspiration and uplifting support from your world.

Then in the second part of the post, I’ll add 5 of my favorite tips that have helped me deal with mistakes in a positive and constructive way many times over. Because sometimes making mistakes is a natural part of a good life. They can be made (though you may have heard from some people). And because it’s so important to have a healthy perspective on mistakes so you can use them to your advantage and recover from setbacks (and regain your confidence). I hope you find something motivating and helpful here.

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