Make sure you’ve created an area where you’re less likely to be distracted or disturbed. So turn off your internet or use a blocker for your most visited sites. Put your phone in silent mode, where you can’t see it for a while. Close the door to your room. Then get to work. 3. Face your fears bravely. “Courage is the resistance to fear, the mastery of fear — not the absence of fear.” Being brave can be difficult, but if you want to live the life you want to live, then sometimes you have to face your fears and move on or move on. Although being brave isn’t easy, I’ve found some ways to make it easier.

Focus on what really matters to you.

Ask yourself: what’s the worst that can happen? Don’t just think about a few seconds. Sit down with pen and paper or a laptop. Write it all down as you consider the most realistic worst-case scenario. Then write down a plan for how to recover from the situation. This brings clarity, dissolves vague fears, and helps you realize that even if the worst Russia WhatsApp Number List happens somehow, you can usually bounce back pretty quickly. Share your fears with someone. It’s easy to build fear into this gigantic nightmare and extremely dangerous thing just by putting it in there.

Maintain positive company.

By sharing and getting some input from a level-headed friend or family member, he or she can help you reduce your fears and inner stress. You can have a healthier view of things again. Accept fear. When fear comes into your life, it’s a natural impulse to try to deny it. Maybe you try not to think about it, you try to push it away. I’ve found that in many cases, it’s actually best to accept that fear is here. After a few minutes of fully accepting this uncomfortable feeling and accepting it, it starts to lose momentum. You have stopped injecting more energy into fear. It just seems to float away—or at least get smaller—and you feel more open and focused.

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