Beating yourself or getting angry will only increase stress and drain your energy, confidence, and motivation. Life is too short. 21. Everything is in its place. When things have their own home and you always put them back. They will be easier to find and your workspace and home will be organized. This will greatly reduce the amount of stress when you go out and can’t find an important report or car keys.

Be 10 minutes early.

22. Check your email and wait once, and as late in the workday as possible. I usually check and process various statistics from my email, social media Forex Email List accounts and website during the last hour of the work day. By doing this, I save the stress it can put on me and the new tasks it can create until I’ve devoted a few of my most energizing hours to my most important tasks.

Maybe your heart isn’t what it used to be?

23. Limit your daily information intake. Take a few minutes each month to unsubscribe from newsletters, blogs, podcasts, etc. that you no longer get much from or that you rarely even listen to or read. This makes it easier to focus on what’s really important to you, spend more time taking action, and not get bogged down by information overload and analysis paralysis. 24. Listen to yourself. When you start feeling exhausted, more irritable and creativity plummeting, don’t just keep going.

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