Tell a friend about a podcast that inspires you. Or share a playlist of your favorite podcast episodes or audio documentaries that can give you tons of motivational or life-changing insights about our time on Earth. 13. Compliment strangers. You have no idea what kind of difficult times the people you pass by in your daily life might be going through. So try complimenting how great their hat or umbrella. Looks, or ask where they got that cool t-shirt. 14. Listen.

then refresh that space.

When someone vents, they both vent those negative emotions and thoughts. And start to figure out what situation they are in and what they want to do about it. In my experience, this can go a long way to stop overthinking things and doesn’t build up mole hills in one’s head. 15. Offer some advice. Share what buy email leads works for you in a relationship, at work, or in a similar situation with your own business. If this is beyond your experience and knowledge.

Assist with items on their bucket list.
buy email leads

Help declutter a portion of their living space

Maybe it’s a gentle suggestion that they talk to someone who knows better and get some professional help. 16. Help them arrange meetings, gatherings, etc. In my experience, having someone involved and helpful can be a great stress reliever and help plan upcoming events in a smarter, simpler way. 17. Pick some flowers. A simple thing, but for the right person who loves flowers, this can be a wonderful combination of surprises and the ability to appreciate nature in a few days.

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