This tool is useful for education, because you can share your Kenya Phone Number List computer screen with other participants. This is useful for a presentation, a workshop or for e-learning. Also read: 10 free whiteboard tools for online meetings & brainstorming You can read more about the privacy of this app here . 5. Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams is somewhat similar to Slack . You can easily chat, meet and share files. The big difference with Slack: with Teams you can also make video calls. You can Kenya Phone Number List convert a group chat into a video call with one click. Screenshot of the Microsoft Teams tool. Microsoft Teams has a free version.

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House party Who’s in the house? In this app you can make video Kenya Phone Number List calls with up to eight people at the same time. Inviting someone to join the conversation is easy via a link, 06 number or username. A big disadvantage (can also be an advantage) is that anyone who knows your username can just ‘break into’ your Houseparty . If everyone just hops in and out, it is of course Kenya Phone Number List difficult to hold a serious meeting. What you can do is lock your ‘party’ as soon as it is full. Then no more users can be added. But, all in all, Houseparty feels more like a chatting app rather than serious meetings. You can read more about the privacy of the app here .

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WhatsApp, FaceTime & Duo Then, WhatsApp , FaceTime and Duo Kenya Phone Number List together in point 7. Why? Because these apps are similar but many people don’t know that the number of people you can video chat with at the same time is different. Duo can be used with a Kenya Phone Number List maximum of two people at the same time, in WhatsApp you can communicate with four people at the same time time FaceTime takes the cake with 32 people . I myself am a fan of Duo, because not everyone in my family has an iPhone (FaceTime) and the image and sound quality is better than WhatsApp. Pros: All three of these options are free. 8. Eyeson A tip from colleague Arwen: eyeson . A video meeting app that works from your browser.

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