Do whatever you’re doing now, but slowly. Move slower, talk, eat or ride a bike. By doing this, you will become more aware of what is going on around you. Disconnect and reconnect. If you feel like you’re starting to worry, interrupt the thought by yelling to yourself in the back of your mind: STOP! Then, just take a minute or two and focus 100% on what’s going on around you to re-engage in the present moment. Accept it with all your senses. Feel it, see it, smell it, hear it and feel it on your skin.

Worry is usually just a monster you build in your head.

9. Refocus on the small steps you can take. To get out of the worrisome headspace, I find it really helpful to start and take action to start addressing or improving anything I care about. So I asked myself: What small steps can I take now to start improving Office 365 Email List the situation I’m in? Then I focus on taking a small step forward. After that, I found another small step, and I took that step too. This is the next step… Now, you might be thinking: “This is very useful information. But what is the easiest way to put it into practice and actually change my concerns?

So when your concerns start to arise, ask yourself:

Well, I have something special for you… A free step-by-step checklist that includes all the steps in this article… save or print it out for the next time you’re worried about starting to grow again. Download it now by entering your email below. Amparo Torres O. Image at the beginning of the article (license).

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