At maps are heat maps that help read complex data. Were born in the 19th century heat map history heat maps for web pages indicate portions of a web page. They are used to study which elements of the page are the most viewed and clicked. Here are some useful things it helps us do: – Reach important content or not see it – Find and use the main links, buttons, activations and CTAs of a page – Be distracted by non-clickable elements – Problems occur on all devices Types of heatmaps Heatmap & mouse tracking : a Heat Map can show mouse movements (Hover Map) clicks (Click Map) users scrolls (Scroll Map) Heat map & eye tracking:eye tracking is a methodology that allows you to record, analyze and visualize eye movements.

What free tools to use for heatmaps?

These movements represent a direct index of the distribution of effective resources. Therefore of the perceptive reality of an individual. The output of Taiwan Phone Number this analysis is the heat map. There are some best practices that have arisen from very interesting studies. The first concerns the central focus: based on the shape of the eyes. It is preferable not to insert objects in the center of the screen, and to place the important objects within the so-called “golden ratio”. It is also very useful to remember that we read from left to right, with a movement called “a zeta”. A Nielsen study claims that users don’t read, they scan text. What free tools to use for heatmaps?

Heatmap and Other Combinations

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