Balanced Scorecard Strategy A characteristic feature of many fast-growing companies is the lack of an explicit strategy. Meanwhile, companies need a formalized and really “working” strategy. To date, the Balanced Scorecard is, according to many experts. The most effective management system that allows you to link the company’s strategy with its daily functions.

activities become more transparent and manageable.

10.04.2010 In order to govern, one must, after all, have an exact plan for some, at least somewhat decent, period.. Bulgakov The Master and Margarita Formalize the strategy I have already noted that often a company’s development Cell Phone Database strategy is born, exists and dies in the heads of the owners and general directors of the company. If I managed to see a document called “marketing strategy”, or “development strategy”, then, by and large,

As a result of using the CSP, the company’s

this is a set of more or less coherent postulates of a program-narrative nature. In this case, it is very much that there is such a thing and it has been brought to the attention of employees to some extent. There is a strategy, maybe it works, but who in the company was imbued with her ideas and how the written correlates with the constantly changing situational plans.

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