But if I’m happier for the little things in my day-to-day life, does that mean I’m less motivated to keep working on the bigger things? No. This way of looking at my life actually gives me more energy and inspiration, life is easier, and I feel less inner resistance as I explore and strive to achieve small and big things. 4. Breathe when stressed. Take 2 minutes when stress catches up with you and when you start to feel anxious.

Use your common sense before you start hugging.

Irritable and/or fearful because of it. sit down. Breathe in through your nose and use your belly for fairly deep breaths. Focus only on your breath during these 2 minutes. no others. This will calm your mind, after which you can continue working with a more focused and free france mobile number relaxed mind. 5. Open your senses to feel what is happening right now. Pull yourself out of the past, relive old conflicts, and drag yourself into a frustrating vortex.

Be careful, don't wait for your turn to speak
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This is a great way to build a more positive relationship

Pull yourself out of an imaginary future meeting, appointment, or disaster in a presentation. Put yourself and your focus on where you really are. Here and now. Sit down for 2 minutes. See what’s in front of you. Listen to the birds and cars outside. Feel the sun shining through the window on your clothes and skin. Felt a small draught from one of the windows.

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