By the way, the examples I mention in this article are apps from. Dutch newspapers (Pinch is in projects of De and NRC). They seem to be ahead of newspapers in the rest of the world in this regard. In my search for other examples across the border, I only came across the renewed app from De Morgen. Changing revenue model for newspapers The fact that we are now seeing more and more newspapers opt for merging both apps is mainly due to a changed relationship between publishers’ two sources of income: that of the reader and advertiser market. Roughly 10 years ago, the prevailing idea was that consumers would not pay for online news.

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Publishers’ internet revenues. Therefore to come from revenue. It was therefore simple for the apps: the news app primarily had a reach objective: as many users as possible. That the advertising revenues would be as high as possible. In addition, there was the e-paper app as an extra service for Tanzania Email List and some lost buyers of individual editions. Online ads don’t bring in enough In recent years, publishers have come to realize that the sale of online advertisements cannot generate enough income to keep their heads above water. Thanks in part to Blendle, an important pioneer of paid online journalism, paid content has become indispensable.

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It has become more and more common for many consumers to pull out the wallet to access a newspaper’s website and apps. With this movement, it is only logical that the news feed (now largely paid for) has moved towards the e-paper (always paid for). A good thing for readers, who can only find one app in the stores of their favorite news brand. NRC and apps. Impact on editorials By the way, merging the two forms is not yet very easy. How do you deal with the same articles in the feed and the e-paper? Do you update the articles that have appeared in the newspaper? These issues can have a significant impact on working methods and technology for editors.

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