Don’t make the all-too-common mistake of waiting for someone else to create the weeks, months, and years you want. This usually results in a lot of waiting and frustration. How to do: initiative. Let the ball roll on its own. Take action, take the first step, make the changes you want, and create the life you want. Go on a date or coffee at the bar with the most positive people in your life . Jump up in the morning or drag yourself out of bed, slow down today and set a low bar for happiness .

Want more Wednesday motivation?

Sit down tonight and write down the four things that matter most to you this year. If it feels difficult and you start procrastinating, then remember that you can always take smaller steps forward. Do everything you can to reduce this mental block and allow germany fax number yourself to start over or re-act. Home article write a blog Motivation Wednesday: 20 Tips to Help You Get Through a Midweek. Downturn Motivation Wednesday: 20 Tips to Help You Get Through a Midweek Downturn Published: 2021-06-09 Motivation Wednesday:

Get started (let the momentum catch up with you).

10 Tips to Help You Get Through Your Midweek Hump When Wednesday comes, your motivation to keep getting things done may be significantly less. I know that sometimes at least for me. So, in this week’s post, I want to share 20 of the most important tips and habits that will help me get back on my feet, overcome midweek bumps, and stay focused on work until Friday afternoon, the weekend wait. I hope you find something here to help make your Wednesdays even better. 1. Start small (or tiny).

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