It is important to understand that intention is always about value. The value that the design offers to each of the stakeholders. Offering value to the stakeholders – that is the aim of design You can use various tools to formulate this correctly. Consider, for example, Simon Sinek’s concept of Saint Lucia Email List golden circles. In it you describe why you do something, how it works and what it ultimately is. You can also use the Value Proposition Canvas . Each of these two concepts can serve as input for drafting a Design Brief . Here you provide an overview of:

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The required benefits, which the solution must provide. The benefits, which are logically , even if the solution would function without it. The desired benefits, which are not a requirement, but would be highly appreciated. The unexpected benefits, which were not conceived by the Saint Lucia Email List and thus exceed all expectations. 4. Design Then the rabbit comes out of the top hat. A design can be on the wishes of the and the value. But because not everyone is a Hans Klok or Hans Kazàn, the design toolkit also offers the necessary tools for this.

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No guarantee that it will lead to a creative eruption, but it will help to stimulate and structure the creative process. design innovation Do not expect miracles from your application of the design methodology. Use the resources, tools and templates to structure the development process. (Illustration: Saint Lucia Email List Neale at Love Letters Studio In design, however, the core concept is skills . Visualization is a very important aspect. Drawing or sketching a proposal is an essential part of the process. It is not about how artful and beautiful the sketch is. What matters is that the drawing makes

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