Vacancies are of course an important part of the career. But a careers website or careers section within a corporate website offers more. Of course it starts with a suitable position and a good salary, but then an applicant wants to know whether he will feel at home in the organization. In addition to vacancies, the job Nigerian Email Database will find more information about the organisation, colleagues and employment conditions. An important aspect is the desire to be able to make a substantial contribution . A good career at work tells a future employee: this is what we offer the world and you can play a part in it.

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A good story Employer branding starts with the core of the story. With the mission and vision. When answering the question: what are we on earth for with this organization? Or to put it the Simon Sinek way: with the why . We see strong examples of companies that open their careers with a Nigerian Email Database statement: this is what we are about, we need you for this (and it will make you even better). Example of the careers of is committed to purpose: ‘to make everyday life easier’ is committed to purpose and says:

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Together we change retail, to make everyday life Nigerian Email Database . The online department store invites applicants to participate and look for a suitable vacancy. It is striking that the search field does not say ‘Come to work at’ or that the landing page opens with ‘Vacancies’, as Nigerian Email Database careers do. assumes that a visitor to the. Werken-bee knows what he or she comes for and uses the precious space for a statement.

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