Channels that fit in with this and that are normally used by the Egypt Email List in a much more action-oriented way per performance, include: Advertising on and A direct collaboration with DPG Media to reach specific audiences in the Randstad. To draw attention to the theater from Enschede Egypt Email List too. With 350,000 impressions, a beautiful channel with a good reach. Using Google Ads nationwide Egypt Email List of approaching a target group regionally per performance, use is now being made to promote Christmas nationally in the Netherlands.

Promoting Social Media

Deploy Display Ads nationwide With the visual ‘Egypt Email List always comes’ tempt people to look up more information and of course to purchase a v-ticket for the online Christmas performances. Using Spotify Ads nationwide A channel that has not been used before. Enschede have made a radio spot Egypt Email List for this channel. This was the moment to test new channels to reinforce the ‘Christmas always comes’ campaign. Spotify was because it is a platform that is highly scalable, has national coverage. Is a channel where the target group is Egypt Email List active. After all, theater is something that involves a lot of music, just like on Spotify.

Ecuador Email List

With Branded Merchandise

An ideal way to once again bring the theater to the Egypt Email List of the right target group. Deploying social ads nationwide No longer deploying social ads around Enschede, but nationwide. The visual and textual expressions breathe the same atmosphere here as with the other channels. If you fall into the target group, you can no longer ignore the theater and the ‘Christmas always comes’ campaign. Influencer Egypt Email List Marketing a performance through an influencer is usually difficult, because you have no tangible product except the performance. This was possible with the Theater Home Box. Each influencer reacted differently and looked at Egypt Email List performances from a different perspective.

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