In the middle of December and days before the end of the year and the Unite Kingdom leaving the European Union completely. An agreement is still lacking. During this last week. Announcements have been made that a hard Brexit is coming. Be that 1000 mobile phone numbers it may. This has been one of the great forgotten topics of 2020 and one that will have important consequences for 2021. Trade wars and other political issues Brexit is not the only issue on the political agenda that has had ramifications on the agenda of companies and brands. The trade war between China and the Unite States has not stopp in the midst of the pandemic (in August. For example.

The US administration tightene conditions for Huawei again ) but neither have the tensions between the Unit States and the European Union over support for private companies (the Boeing saga and its impact on tariffs has continue this year). This year’s 1000 mobile phone numbers elections were possibly one of the ones that companies follow most closely due to their impact on the markets and the rules of the game. Donald Trump has lost and Joe Biden has won. Which may cause the climate of trade wars to cool in the coming year (but that remains to be seen).

Resolve or From 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers

The US election. On the other hand. Has left a lot of material for analysis in political marketing. Beginning with all the disinformation maneuvers and partisan use of justice by Trump and ending with the press conference in a Trump team garden center (which went viral). Laws fence the way to advertising In Spain. This year legal adjustments and agreements 1000 mobile phone numbers the industry have been approve that change how advertising can be done. A behavior agreement for influencers has been close . Our advertising restrictions for alcohol have been designed (which can end the beer ad). Sugar advertising is being work on and. Above all. Gaming advertising has been limited .


Although these are the measures that have been launche in Spain. The truth is that the general context also goes in that direction. As shown. For example. By the British law on advertising junk food and that affects even the internet. The different public 1000 mobile phone numbers administrations have taken more seriously the effect that advertising has on the lives of citizens and how advertisements lead to the internalization of unhealthy behaviour. The future will pass. Everything indicates. Due to more regulations and more adjustments that will limit what advertising can or cannot do.

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The twilight of cookies This has been one of the very important topics for marketers that have been greatly overshadow by the coronavirus. Those responsible for marketing and advertising have had to put out many fires during the year due to the disease 1000 mobile phone numbers and that has left some other crucial issues in the shadows on which there is no choice but to act. One of them is the death of cookies. A key piece of digital advertising and marketing for decades and which is destin to die. Privacy regulations. Technological changes and consumer sensitivity have made them obsolete.

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