What I would like to tell you more about are tools that I use for Email List research. Even before writing SEO content can begin, it is important to delve into the target audience. What search terms does your potential customer use? What are the interests of your target audience? These SEO tools Montserrat Email List help you further on this topic! 8. Keywords Everywhere The first tools in this list was mentioned in a response to the original SEO tools article. Keywords Everywhere is a handy extension for Google Chrome and Montserrat Email List . The free version allows users to easily query related keywords and get other interesting insights. Think of trend data from

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Google & YouTube regarding this topic, an estimate.  Montserrat Email List traffic and lists of keywords. The paid version has more options and is affordable at $10 per year. The great convenience of this tool is the fact that insight into keywords and data is only a few clicks away. The tool is always in the Montserrat Email List right corner of your screen, which makes the step to do a quick keyword research a lot smaller. 9. AnswerThePublic This is a personal favorite. AnswerThePublic provides a clear overview of the questions your target group Montserrat Email List with regard to your keyword.

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Not only can the data be at a glance. Montserrat Email List also a lot of data (depending on the popularity of the keyword). Users can change the language and area in which questions are searched in the tool. This is not yet 100% working properly. The results of Dutch searches Montserrat Email List contain German and English questions. Unfortunately, Answer ThePublic is only free to use three Montserrat Email List a day. SEO specialists who want to perform more searches will have to use a VPN and pay $79 per month for the service.

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