You are probably aware that music is subject to copyright. But the fact that this also applies to posts on social media is often forgotten. On channels such as TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, music is used continuously among videos and other content. In principle, permission from the maker right Syria Email Lists is always required to use that music. But who should you turn to for this? What about if you use music from the platform’s library? And who is liable if music is used illegally? Music for social media use can be obtained from various sources. Below I explain per source whether and how you can use this music for your content. 1. ‘Royalty Free’ Music, Creative Commons First of all, you can choose to use ‘copyright free’ music.

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Rights-free is in quotation marks because music cannot be rights-free from a strictly legal point of view. When the music is created, a copyright is automatically created, so that there is always a rightholder who can determine what happens with the music. The term ‘rights-free music’ here Syria Email Lists also means: music of which the rightholder gives permission to someone to use the music, without having to pay extra for this. In this case, a license (right of use) is obtained just like with other music, but there are fewer conditions attached to it.

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Creative Commons on a laptop. An example of such a license is that of Creative Commons . An artist can choose under what conditions he or she wants to release a license for his/her music. For example, the music can be used free of royalties, provided you state where it comes from. Licenses for Syria Email Lists -free music, such as those from Creative Commons, are often available for free or for a small fee. 2. Music from the platform library In principle, you can use the music from a platform’s library without any worries. The platform is responsible for the permission of the artist, because they are the ones who make the music available.

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