It just makes you a liar.” Jenny O’Connell “Look at your inner real barometer before you speak. And resist the temptation to tell people only. What they want to hear.” Wayne Dyer “There is nothing in the. World harder than telling the truth, nothing excessive pride easier than flattery.” Dostoevsky “Better to offer no excuse than a bad one.” George Washington “Try, try right here, be open, honest, and forthright.”

Loyalty and Honesty

Lambdas “It is better to tell the truth to make others cry than to lie to make others laugh.” Paolo Coelho “It is curious that physical courage is so common south africa phone numbers directory in the world, while moral excessive pride courage is so rare.” Mark Twain “When a man is punished for being honest, he learns to lie.” Chris Jamie “Honestness and openness are always the foundation of insightful conversations.”

Bragging and excessive pride are not at all
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Quotes About Trust

Bell Hook “Oh, what a tangled web we weave…when we first practiced deception.” Walter Scott “No matter what you do, stand up for who you are and be honest.” Bryant McGill “Spontaneity is total sincerity.” Alan Watts “Keeping silent excessive pride is like a slow-growing cancer to the soul and a trait of a true coward. There is no wisdom in not standing up for yourself.

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