Video is the best converting medium. Logical, because video makes your company, your product and your message come to life. It is tempting to think of YouTube, Vimeo or soon even Facebook Watch as a company in your online video strategy. They are free and generate reach. You generate more brand awareness, and they can bring users to your site. In this article I explain why you should consider your own video platform and how to approach this. Who really benefits from a free video platform? If the service is free, you are the product. But how effective is it really to have your entire video strategy dependent on such a platform? Who is actually pushing who? Let’s take YouTube as an example.

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Here are their three goals: Attract visitors with your content Learning from your visitors and your reach Serving your visitors advertisements Top 5 risks of a free video platform These are the five biggest risks of a free video platform for your online video strategy: 1. No control over your video material You Luxembourg Email List the video platform and sometimes even all their users the right to modify and republish your video material. You then no longer have control over what happens to your images. Read it in YouTube’s terms of service . 2. You may be sharing business-critical information Video platforms learn more about your users and your reach than you do.

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They then use this knowledge to create profiles of your customers and your market. Do you really want to run the risk of this data falling into other hands? 3. They entice your customers to your competitors In order to generate as many views as possible, your potential customers are tempted to watch other videos: on the same page, or at the end of the video. That’s not just your videos, but also those of your potential competitors. oops. 4. They pull viewers away from your site

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