Despite the fact that the fall suffered in 2020 has been similar to the financial crisis of 2008 and the economic ravages are palpable. More than Uganda phone number half of the Marketing directors maintain that the last part of the year has turned out to be better than expected. What they expected The passage of time and positive news that looms on the horizon. Such as the close distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine. Seem to be influencing moods and expectations. Optimism is gaining ground among managers. As 44% declare themselves optimistic for the first half of 2021.

Compared to the isolated 3% who felt optimistic 6 months ago. In the same way. The professionals with the most pessimistic vision are reduced from 91% to 29% in this period. They also highlight good news as far as digital advertising is concerned. Online media Uganda phone number are increasingly monopolizing a larger portion of the advertising pie compared to more traditional media. In a scenario in which 48% of companies invest more than 40% in digital advertising .

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And it is that. Undoubtedly. The role of the digital world is growing. The outbreak of the pandemic and the general confinement decreed resulted in a forced digitization that has benefited areas such as e-commerce. More than half of companies sell more than 5% of Uganda phone number their products online. Which represents a growth of electronic commerce of 10 points in just one semester. In addition. Increases the level of satisfaction with las ventas de e-commerce. Which is satisfactory for 40% of directors. Some experts point to an acceleration in the digitization of companies and departments.

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Marketing from 5 years to just a few months. However. The containment of spending continues to be present in the market. With a forecast of maintaining. Freezing or extending the marketing budgets for 2021 according to the managers surveyed. Therefore. They Uganda phone number would not vary too much compared to 2020. With investment in advertising and personnel again being the budget items with more conservative growth compared to others more likely to receive higher budget outlays such as market research and consulting . Investment in brand and customer relations and discounts. Although it is true that the crisis has been transversal throughout the market.

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Sectoral differences can be glimpsed . Especially in terms of future prospects. While Banking. Energy. Automotive and Tourism present negative expectations for 2021. Consumer Goods. Fashion and Teaching constitute the most optimistic sectors along with others located under the digital umbrella such as Technology . In short. The optimistic testimonies Uganda phone number of the directors seem to indicate that the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer. Although… When will the crisis end specifically? According to the interviewees themselves. The recovery will be gradual and will have to wait until 2022 according to 29% and until 2023 or more according to 18%.

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