Digital Marketing Courses Digital Marketing programmatic When you don’t drink beer. Almost a kind of rarity in social practices in Spain today. You may Jiangxi mobile phone number list be able to understand very well the links of its consumers with their favorite brands. In my twenties. Recently arrived in Madrid from the north of Spain. I ended up being surprised that when I was surrounded by people who came from the same place. They ended up sharing recommendations on where to find Estrella Galicia. The bars were chosen on many occasions because it was known that there was an Estrella there. Estrella Galicia is a lovemark in Galicia and not only in Galicia.

“The “brewers” are faithful in their love for a brand. As are the fans of a football team”. They pointed out in an analysis that Data Centric carried out a few months ago on how the map of Spain was divided based on beer brands. Estrella Galicia had the western Jiangxi mobile phone number list quadrant. But other brands had their strongholds. Estrella Damn is the queen in Catalonia. Dorada that of the Canary Islands. Cruzcampo reigns in the south. Ambar in Aragón. Estrella de Levante in Murcia and Mahou in the center of Spain. That is the distribution of favorite beer brands in Spain. The power of beer brands in Spain is such that in the latest report by the consulting firm Kantar on the most valuable brands in Spain.

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However, Of the 30 that lead the ranking. Three are beer brands. Cruzcampo is number 20. Mahou 21 and Estrella Damm 27. Mahou was positioned in that study as the most loved brand in beers. “It is standing out. It is doing things very well in this indicator that Jiangxi mobile phone number list has that we call “love”. And that ultimately is talking about the emotional bond with the client. About how they are working on this”. Explained Isabel Almarcha. However, CEO of the Insights division of Kantar. In a Mahou press release. But what is it that makes Spaniards love their beer brands and how did they manage to become such powerful lovemarks? This is how beer is consumed right now in Spain Beer consumption in Spain has grown a lot in recent years.


However, In about 20 years it has risen 61% (this is what the statistics say comparing what happened in 1996 with what happened in 2018). However, While the consumption of wine was receding. In 2018. Three times more beer per head than wine was consumed in Spain. However, Spain is also a Jiangxi mobile phone number list player in the European and global beer market. As can be seen from the numbers published by the sector’s own employers’ association. In the latest report by Cerveceros de España. The one that addresses 2019 (the last year for which there is complete data because it is the last year that has been completely closed).

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However, The Spanish beer industry was already the fourth largest producer in all of Europe and the eleventh in the world. Beer consumption has become something quite transversal. Which is done by all age groups and all social classes. However, “Beer is part of the culture of Jiangxi mobile phone number list Spanish and is one of the drinks with the greatest reach in the adult population. Which is consumed in a moderate and responsible way.” explained Jacobo Olalla Marañón. However, General director of Cerveceros de España. In line with a study on how Spanish beer drinkers are. “It is a popular product. Very much ours. And whose pairing with the lid is difficult to break.” he added. Spain. They concluded. Is a beer country.

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