How to do it: Ask yourself optimistic questions. When you’re in a situation that seems negative, make things better by asking yourself questions that promote optimism and help you find solutions. Questions like this: What are the positive or positive aspects of this situation? What are the chances in this situation? Start your day on the right foot. As mentioned in Tip #2, the impact on your life can have a huge impact. So choose to spend your breakfast time with an optimistic influence, like a book, a blog, or your mom.

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Or talk early in the day with the person who supports and encourages you most often, like a colleague or friend at school. 5. Reverse negative self-talk. It is very important to maintain your motivation and self-esteem to live a happier life. Your inner critic can swiss telephone search be one of the biggest obstacles preventing you from doing so. If you make a mistake or fail, if someone criticizes you, or if you’re just tired, that little inner voice can get louder and louder, dragging you down and letting you down.

Change one thing at a time.
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Being open to the good things

It can tell you whether you are stupid or lazy. You will not succeed. You are worse or uglier than others. Being able to turn an inner critic or shut it down as soon as it pops up is a very useful skill. How to do it: Say stop. Just create a stopword or stopword that you say or shout in your head when your critics come up with ideas that distort and hurt your self-esteem. Say: Stop! Or: no, no, no, we won’t be going there again! Explain to yourself what this will lead to a year or more in the future.

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