Make use of YouTube suggestions. Type a keyword into Brunei Email Lists search bar. You will now be presented with a whole list of suggestions (image 1). Don’t underestimate this! YouTube literally gives the exact keywords that people search for. You can also add a * to the beginning of a keyword. You can then see Brunei Email Lists suggestions do not exactly match, but it gives you a broad insight into inspiration and you see what is more often searched for in YouTube (image 1.1 with *). Google search results Figure 1. YouTube Suggestions Finding the right keywords Image 1.1 Finding the right keywords with * YouTube Tools I can recommend Google Trends as a tool. It allows you to analyze and compare search trends and keywords based on their popularity.

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To make the tool search YouTube specifically, you can change Brunei Email Lists from ‘Google Search’ to ‘Search on YouTube’. YouTube Tool Google Trends Figure 1.2 YouTube Tool Google Trends Search Google for featured videos YouTube videos may appear with a normal Google search. Perhaps you have come across this and you want this with your videos as well. Google tries to add a video section for many keywords to show the most Brunei Email Lists result. That’s why collecting and optimizing your videos is essential and increases your chances of getting a high chance in Google’s organic search results. (Free) keyword tools You can also choose to use popular tools for your keyword research, for example: Ahrefs , Keywords Everywhere , Semrush , Keyword Tool , Tube Buddy and VidIQ . The tools all work in a similar way, but VidIQ is the most effective because the focus is mainly on YouTube. It’s also free.

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It gives suggestions for keywords, tags and gives you Brunei Email Lists into what your competitors are doing to rank high in YouTube. Tip #2. Optimize the title of the video The perfect title does exist! Once you’ve done keyword research, you can use it to optimize your videos. It is important that the search matches the title of your video, it ensures that you are extremely relevant. You should include one of the highest Brunei Email Lists keywords in the title. This is not yet a guarantee. 500 hours of videos are uploaded every minute, and a keyword isn’t enough to boost your video. Try to make sure the title grabs attention. It is good to check the titles of your competitors beforehand to gain inspiration. There may be opportunities to do just that little bit better. Also read: This is what you need to know to make viral videos [research] The highest ranking videos promise their viewers

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